Join us for Worship every Sunday at 10:20am in the red roofed building on the south east side of Mason, Texas.

We'll Sing our songs, Say our prayers, we'll Give back to God, we'll Gather around the Lord's Table, and we'll Study from God's Word.

We believe that it is no accident that God has crossed our paths today.

With so much going on in the world it is ever more important that we work together as Christians to share our Hope! Our society is splintering. Socially we have infinite options to be members of social circles that cater to our exact individual needs.

But what about God's needs, what about our faith? Worship isn't about strengthening our differences, it's about reinforcing our service to God. In the early days we opened our homes to anyone who claimed to be a disciple of Jesus. Our community was "one", we were all Christians working on our sanctification together. What's stopping us today?

Seems like only a couple of scripture interpretations separate 90% of the denominations. It is important to consult the entirety of the New Testament when we determine the requirements for our salvation. Let's take care of our own house first. Our house has already been Reformed and Restored, what say we Re-Unite. Let's have an honest discussion about salvation.

Give our preacher a listen. Here's a Link to his 9:00am Sunday morning radio broadcast from September 2020.He reads from Acts chapter 22 and talks about Paul's example of conversion. This is worth digging into. It mirrors many of our experiences where we believe in something more than this life, and want to do something about it. Maybe Paul's experience can help us today. Here's a text transcript in case you want notes or to read along.

The Old Testament was nailed to the cross. That makes things 50% simpler, we're no longer concerned about God's Old Testament rules for being favored in this life. We're concerned only with living up to Jesus' example of Love.

‘Believe, Repent, Be Baptized into Jesus, Walk in His Light’


Online Catalog of Sermons, Bible Studies, and other reference information.

The International College of the Bible has made available to download this copy of Alexander Campbell's The Christian System. Abilene Christian University also has a web browsable version below that link. In 1840 Campbell chartered Bethany College in Bethany, Virginia, to provide more education for ministers. He published a translation of the New Testament (1827), and wrote several books, including The Christian System (1839).

In this 2nd Edition Campbell ads essays on some, but not all, of the contentious points of Christian denominations. He says, "How may schisms cease, and all Christians unite, harmonize and co-operate in one great community, as at the beginning? The Christian system is undergoing an examination in the present day, both as to its evidences and signification, wholly unprecedented since the days of the grand defection. Such an age is always an age of extremes: but things will regulate themselves and settle down on the true foundation. "Many are running to and fro;" and certainly knowledge is on the increase." A. Campbell (1839)

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